Back in 2012 we said “Sayonara” to suburban, subdivision life & moved to a 20 acre off-grid abode 3000 feet up the side of a mountain, in pristine Northeast Washington State.  

No longer able to reach out a window & touch our neighbors’ homes, it gave us breathing room & time to accumulate some pets (Meow! Woof! Neigh!). We did crazy stuff like gardening (do you think 120 blueberry plants are enough?), chasing off bears, cougars, bobcats, & gathering neighbors from miles around to come hang out at our campfires. Most of all, being in nature gave us the inspiration to get back to nature as far as our dietary lifestyle & personal care were concerned.

Granola had been done out in our hippie-strewn wilderness, but what about finding a better alternative to chocolate with its stimulants, dangerous heavy metals (cadmium & lead), and child labor? Also, what about finding a better alternative to the chocolate alternative, known as conventional carob?

In 2017, we scoured the world to gather the best organic ingredients & carobme was born! Making first, Aussie Sharkbars (now in 9 crave-worthy flavors), then Aussie Carob Chips (2 varieties available), & now three kinds of Aussie Carob Covered Nuts. So nutty! 

You can reach for Aussie Carob Products anytime you want to eat something delicious or bake something delectable. Our products are organic, gluten-free, plant-based, soy-free, & caffeine-free. Old generation carob can stay back in the 70s. Go for the good stuff! Discover what carob aficionados & former chocolate lovers now know…. carobme world's best creamy carob delivers to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

carobme. Unwrap a world of indulgence with organic carob – The ultimate chocolate alternative.